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Flow Meter

We offer Flow Meters which are reliable in function. These are made for heavy duty applications for keeping the record of number counts, measuring flow of gases & liquids. In addition to this, offered batch counter are provided in various options viz. totaliser, preset, sequential and vending machine timer. The screens comprise of 4/6 digit with single & dual display. Moreover, meters can be prescaled through multiply & dividing programmers for versatile functions. These are easy in installation & operation. The offered meters give output signal in 4-20 mA / 0-10 mA / 0-100 mV related to flow. Flow Meters are available with dimension of 96 x 96 x 100 / 150 mm and consumes 230V / 110 V alternating current.


  • The buttons are covered with dust proof membrane.
  • These are designed for water treatment plants, food and beverages factory, refineries, pharmaceuticals industry etc.
  • The meters are user-friendly, easy in handling and have durable quality.
  • They have great input system 5- 12 V signal and unbalanced bridge.