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Temperature Controllers

Our supplied Temperature Controllers meters are used for measuring humidity, load cell indicator and multi-channel temperature. These are designed with compact, standard and digital style. In addition to this, they are easy to operate and give 0.1 C accuracy functioning. These are covered with dust proof membrane keypad, LED digital screen and have 8k/ 32k/ 64k memory storage. The Temperature Controllers have manageable controlled algorithm PID independent system. Offered, load cell indicator meters are used for calculating the weight of the water tanks and also automatically switch off & on when the tanks get full & empty. These meters are equipped with magnetic sensor for detecting presence and absence of material. The meters are durable and require low maintenance service.

  • They are used in numerous industry viz. food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical etc.
  • These are auto loading in switching on & off.
  • The meters are equipped with standard capacitors and resistors.
  • The offered meters have great input, resolution and accuracy performance.