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Ampere Hour Meter

Our company is manufacturing and supplying Ampere Hour Meters which are used for measuring the consumption of electricity. These are available in different options that include second ampere, 4/6 digit, totaliser, KAH meter IM2502K, IM2503K, life cycle tester, DC watt hour logger and central AH controller. They are used to connect with battery monitoring system, life cycle tester and electroplating process. In addition to this, meters consists of shut with 75 mV value which is accountable for regulating the direct input and provide reading in ampere sec/min/hour. Ampere Hour Meters with dosing control provide us the total charge of the count and tell how much more solution is need for electroplating. These meters are used in both domestic and commercial area for recording digital current usage.


  • These are easy to install and have longer working life.
  • The meters consist of battery back which maintain the working of counting and totaling digit.
  • The offered meters are covered dust free membrane.
  • The meters provide 0.1 resolution accuracy in reading.