Power Logger
Data Loggers are used for recording real time data, installed with great GSM modules. These are easy to connected with PCs, have floor mounted design and durable in quality.

Display Systems are manufactured in strong and sturdy construction. These are weather resistant and functional in all kind of climatic conditions. The boards are easy to install and operate.

Ampere Hour Meter
Ampere Hour Meters are used at both commercial and domestic buildings for calculating the input of the current. These are also utilized in electroplating process for totaling and how much more is needed.

Transport and Traffic Display
Process Control Equipments provide accurate recording of the incoming and outgoing products. These equipments comprise auto setting time, alarm flush light, 4/6 digit display screen and have durable quality.
Price and Rate Display
Testing & Measuring Equipments are strong in structural integrity and have weather resistance body. These are used for checking, measuring and controlling the rate of the machine.
Industrial Display
These Process Loggers are designed for real time recording of pressure, level, USB, voltage and flow. They come with LED, USB port and alarm system. In addition to they, they are also provided with password protection features to restrict access to configuration and data.
Andon Production Display
We are providing Event Loggers for industrial process for sharing and keeping the data information in PC. These are equipped with 1 to 64 channels, have standard capacitors and resistor for high output result.
Information Display
We are providing Flow Meters which display 4-6 digit recording, have various setting options and provide accurate output signal. These are simple in installation and require low maintenance service.
Electronic Scanners
Electronic scanners in the range made from mild steel displays result on the digital display screens and take inputs from membrane keyboards.
Browse through a range of electronic testing equipment that features LED indicators, digital display screen, membrane keyboard with start, reset, enter and other operational buttons.